Driven by the Best -Prime Inc.  Podcast Artwork Image
Driven by the Best -Prime Inc.
Prime Inc.,December 2018 Safety Podcast
January 10, 2019 Prime Inc.

1 Inspections, Professionalism, 60-62 Bridge Downgrade, Prime Locations Progress
2 Following Distance, Appropriate Speed, Distractions
3 Check for Diabetes, Medical Card On File With Your Home State
4 PSD Program Growing, Driver Trainer Opportunities
5 Vet Recognition, Glenda Keightley Retirement
6 Know Your Road Assist Provider, Pre Trip and Post Trip Inspections, Right Weigh Gauge Calibration
7 Know Chain Laws and How To Install Them
8 Make Money Refer Drivers, Wreaths Across America
9 Driver Health & Fitness Works, Health Is Profitable
10 Live Help On Line App, EAP Program for Depression, Trailer Skirts Save 6%, Trailer Tails Save 3 %, USE THEM, New Trailers
11 Shop Opportunities at Prime and Elsewhere, Report Damaged Trailers, Joyce and Julius Retirement, Best Year Ever, Robert Low

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